Techie Talk With John Obidi

Techie Talk With John Obidi

In the Good Book, the Creator reaffirms His Supremacy and also distinguishes Himself from other supposed divine beings by giving us one of His numerous USPs – “…declaring the end from the beginning…” or like the millennials will retort in colloquial terms, “can your god ever?” Ebonics aside, like the one presidential aspirants said recently, “We are not children of small gods”.

This means that if we are from the Creator, we are in principle co-creators and necessarily creative. Creativity therefore goes beyond being innovative, it speaks of our nature – the ability to also envision the end of a thing. Successful people never start anything without a STRATEGY and you can only have a strategy when you see the end because a strategy is the journey from where you are to the endpoint you see.

John Obidi is a New Media Consultant, International Speaker and Personal Development Trainer. In 2018, he was voted as Avance Media’s 2nd Most Influential Young Nigerian for his contributions to Personal Development and Academia. In December 2018, he won The Future Awards Africa Prize for New Media. He’s the founder of Headstart Africa – a network of over 100,000 African professionals.

If you haven’t envisioned 31st December 2019 yet, fret not. On the Techie Talk today, we bring you a sage – a ubiquitous phenomenon. You will be listening to the voice of a connoisseur, who will share insights on: “The Smart Ones: Starting 2019 With A Digital Strategy” You need to be your own digital messiah this year but first you need to be ‘baptized’ in the waters of wisdom by John Obidi!

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