Wisdom From Wakanda – Part 1

Wisdom From Wakanda – Part 1

MI, please tell us a story…

Long ago in the days of the beginning, when man could only ignite fire by cracking two stones against each other – a young man discovered an Infinity stone that could do amazing things. The natives called him a sorcerer – today that stone is known as the Internet Stone. Mankind has since left the Stone Age – quite literally.

Whenever I watch a movie, I sometimes recreate it in my head. One thing I loved about Black Panther was simply its futuristic approach to storytelling. The insights I extrapolated are as epic as they are profound because in hindsight the movie is really the story of our lives.

Big Questions: Wakanda person are you? How much have you embraced or averse to TECH? Are you like ‘Shuri’ who has used ‘vibranium’ to spearhead the digital revolution and rapidly develop Wakanda? Or are you like ‘Mbaku’ – the Great Gorilla (Aka “We will not take it o!”) who has “…watched and listened from the mountains” how people like us have tempered with ‘culture’?

Culture is the way of life of a people. I am always quick to add – “at any point in time!” Else we would still be killing twin children or using the sundial. Tech is the inevitable future of the world – lifestyle will be shaped by it. Don’t become a dinosaur – you either evolve or die!

Footnote: the Black Panther is my movie of 2018 largely because of the tech-centric metaphors that i could extrapolate from the movie. I will be sharing these insights once every month. Hope you enjoy it!

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