RUBY!!! . I went through the report of the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics and the data on unemployment is not looking pretty. My constituency, the young demography that falls between the 18 – 35 bracket are the worst hit. The goodnews however is that you can deal with this long rope before it becomes a […]

One of the perks of the internet is the democratization of knowledge – you can get information on practically anything with the click of a button. Access to mobile phones and affordable data plans have literally made everyone publishers, bloggers and social media leaders. Content is being churned out faster than our timelines can keep […]

If there is something I have learnt from my experience in media it is that the display you see on stage or the finished product is only but a meagre fraction of the total work involved. Great productions follow the Iceberg Principle; you only see about 10% of the entire process. Relating this to life […]

We provide: PREMIUM CONTENT: for social media, corporate communications, blog stories, articles, Op-Eds, Press Releases, Scripts for Radio and TV jingles. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: Management of social media accounts, digital marketing, online campaigns, Influencer Engagement, website development and management, etc. MEDIA OPS: photography, cinematography, newspaper feature, radio and TV interview placement, PR for event, etc RESOURCE: […]

Story of our national life. Since Oloibiri we keep churning out lovely sound bites and rhetoric about diversifying the economy but end up planning everything around the petrodollar. In 2019, we’re still importing refined PMS – while Dubai makes over $100 billion from tourism alone annually. . According to Google Finance, half of the world’s […]

About six years ago, I started Youth Empowerment And Remodeling School (Y.E.A.R.S) – a non-profit and nongovernmental Foundation that transverses every plane with a bias for youths and young adults. . In 2019, we will be ‘louding’ many of our activities and operations but firstly, in the coming days we will be walking you through […]

The Holy Writ tells us that “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the fruit of the land”. To put it in life application, it essentially means that your actions or inactions can shape your future. Top leadership expert, Dr. Mike Murdock puts it rather succinctly, “DECISIONS DETERMINE DESTINY.” By the way, your […]

Success in any venture, essentially depends on the ability to predict outcomes, simulate scenarios, examine possibilities, plan accordingly and take the line of action that is most profitable for the organization. 2019 is quite an epoch-making year for Nigeria; significantly owing to the General Elections. Business owners, just like Timi Dakolo’s forthcoming album, “Love and […]

2018 has been a very challenging year for me, you wouldn’t know except I told you the details. I choose however to count my blessings. I told some people who asked me for some high-level connects and tips on how Inspiro Mfon Media is starting off so strong despite being less than three months old […]

Our very own Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin, an ICT Consultant, businesswoman, women’s rights activist and girl-child education advocate. She is the founder of Pearls Africa Foundation, a non-governmental organization aimed at educating young girls in under-served communities in Nigeria with technology skills via programmes like GirlsCoding, G.C Mentors, GirlsInSTEM and Empowered Hands.